The Story of Esther is Now.

Hate Crimes in America 2016

The truth is that the world’s oldest hatred, that of the Jewish People, has reared its ugly head globally in such a stark and terrifying manner, that we, the Jewish People, should be coming together to stand as one against this new iteration of anti-Semitism. Instead, what have we done? The same exact thing we did during World War II, appeased our oppressors.

We see our own joining the hate fest, because they’ve fallen for the Left’s Israel- and Jew-hating propaganda machine, making them self-hating Jews. We see European rabbis and Jewish organizations struggling to combat anti-Semitism, while America’s rabbis and Jewish organizations devote their time and attention to standing with their Muslim neighbors, in spite of the fact that last year, only 19 percent of the religious-driven hate crimes in America were perpetrated against Muslims, while a shocking 71 percent of the religious-driven hate crimes were perpetrated against Jews.

When America’s rabbis and Jewish organizations spend their time ignoring their own, including the horrifyingly high percentage of religious-driven hate crimes in America perpetrated against the Jews, it leads a Jew such as myself to wonder how could that be, in light of the fact that we comprise a mere 1% of the American population? That crime rate against the American Jewish people, considering our minimal numbers in America, is terrifying.

Where are our rabbis and Jewish organizations helping to stem this anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate? Where are our rabbis and Jewish organizations helping our college students find safety?  If they’re out there, our children on college campuses don’t feel their presence; and our European brethren don’t feel their support either. That feeling of complete abandonment is the greatest shanda (sin) of the 21st Century of the Jewish American people.

America’s rabbis and Jewish organizations need to heed Esther and Mordechai’s clarion call to stand against anti-Semitism, to stop making the same mistake our grandparents did in the ’30s and do as Esther and Mordechai did, take their destiny into their own hands and stand for their right to life!


And teach the truth.

The truth is that we, the Jewish People, just want to live quiet, peaceful, happy lives like everybody else.

We must stop pretending that we’re okay with the world’s continued perpetuation of 2000 years of libel and slander, because a lie repeated a thousand times over does not make it any more true, but it does garner followers and did bring about our near annihilation in World War II.

So in remembering how important it was for Esther to stand with her own people, we must combat the hate and vitriol spouted by the Middle East‘s, the UN‘s and EU‘s leaders against Israel and the Jewish People. We must combat the false narratives taught by anti-Semitic Middle Eastern studies professors on our college campuses, and teach the truth.

The truth is that 40 percent of the world’s Jewish population died in the Shoah, that Israel is not committing genocide upon the so-called “Palestinians,” because if the UN is putting out warnings about “rapid ‘Palestinian’ population growth,” then the opposite of genocide actually holds true. Their numbers are multiplying at such an alarming rate, that the UN Relief and Works Agency is apparently concerned.

The truth is that Israel is the most legitimate nation on Planet Earth, because it existed before Lebanon, before Jordan, before Afghanistan, before Kuwait, before Qatar, before Saudi Arabia. It existed before Islam and before Christianity. It is a nation promised to the Jewish People in the Oldest Book on Earth, the Old Testament/Torah. It is a nation that deserves the opportunity to have her indigenous people live within her borders in peace and serenity, just as the American Indians are entitled to live within America in peace and serenity.

When we see evil perpetrated against the Jewish People, we must speak out against it and stop cowering in the shadows. We must begin focusing on saving our brethren who are living in fear in Europe, and saving our own children who are threatened on college campuses and falling victim to the anti-Semitic propaganda and teachings of their Jew-hating professors. We stood by and did nothing when our European brothers and sisters were being annihilated during World War II, and we MUST NEVER AGAIN STAND IDLY BY.

We must begin trying to figure out how to combat the hate crimes perpetrated upon our own here in America while we still can, before we find ourselves in the same boat as our European brothers and sisters, and we must do it now, as Mordechai insisted Esther do, before our window of opportunity closes. We must start loving ourselves enough to save ourselves and our people.

By Chaplain Jaffe







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